hydrogen jukebox 7/27/16

It lives! A new mixlr set featuring some stuff that has crossed my transom recently. Even more left over, so look for more episodes. Direct yer ears here.




Unconscious Jukebox

Woke up with this beauty. My first thought was, “how pleasant.” My next thought was, “Crap, I hope he’s not dead.”

Unconscious Jukebox

So what was the early Van Halen fixation on the Kinks all about? I imagine a young David Lee Roth in his tiny Hollywood apartment luring groupies over and asking if they want to listen to the Village Green Preservation Society.


Hydrogen Jukebox

Newest installment of my weekly (or so) freeform music show.


Unconscious Jukebox 

Well, this one makes sense. Thanks, David, from all the weird kids.

Unconscious Jukebox

Up with insomnia half the night, then I finally wake up with this. The universe is trying to unhinge me.

Hydrogen Jukebox #1