Jazz for the Housebound or Lazy

If you’re like me and you’re a jazz fan but  don’t get out much in the evening, there is virtual help.  In the past week or so, I’ve found a few sites that feature streams of live jazz performance of a really high quality.  The first is NPR’s series of audio broadcasts from the Village Vanguard.

bill_200I was personally excited about this one because it meant I could hear a set from last fall’s stand by Paul Motian, Joe Lavano, and Bill Frisell.  One of the few times I’ve been tempted enought to brave the ticket cost and two hour ride to see a show in NYC.  Now I’m somewhat less regretful that I didn’t do it.

Another find was the live stream from Smalls, the famous (and small) NYC venue.  This one is in real time, so when they’re closed, the screen is black, but when they’re open, you see all the sets live, with internet wallpaper ambiance to boot.

Lastly, there is a great free jazz series at the Sanctuary for Independent Media in my own capital region stomping grounds.  I have even less reason for not getting over the river to see this one, but they archive performances from the series on their website.

This series was an especially good find because a couple of the groups featured Mary Halvorson, who I’m really into right now.

Pictured is The Thirteenth Assembly, thimagese musical collective she’s part of which includes fellow Anthony Braxton student/collaborator Taylor Ho Bynum, who is also excellent, by the way.

OK, well, hope other homebodies find this stuff useful.  Enough sharing for today.


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