Ecoutez! Post-Hurricane Show

Hello Friends,

Here are the playlist and podcast for tonight’s show.  As Hurricane Irene spat out her last gusts outside, I played a fair amount of guitar music from the likes of Mary Halvorson, Marc Ribot, and Robert Quine.  Also, a lot of jazz from folks such as Mostly Other People Do the Killing, Matthew Shipp, and Paul Motian (a couple of Monk tunes in that batch).  Some Kinks, Bowery Electric, Lykke Li, and other songish goodies made appearances.  If you were unable to catch the show because of your complete enchantment with the VMA’s, then here’s another chance to hear some stuff that wasn’t on MTV’s ballot for sure.  Love to hear from you, so let me know what you think about the show.  All best, and here’s hoping we get no more hurricanes.



One thought on “Ecoutez! Post-Hurricane Show

  1. Sorry, looks like I wasn’t being very clear in my comments. I think the Tunnels sound is alawys adequate, sometimes good, just never great . I’ve seen loads of things in there, different styles and yes, I have tried different places in the hall, sometimes even on the same night LOL, but I still find the same thing ..which is why I commented about it. It’s still one of my favourite venues in town though.

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