Unconscious Jukebox: 3/28/14–Sweet Respite

Well, it would be dishonest to claim that I’ve had no material to contribute to the UJ lately, but what I’ve had to offer is so odious that it seems cruel to share it. Like many parents these days, a certain weather-related, mind-destroying Disney joint has pounded in my head more often than not. So, I waited it out, hoping something better would come along and rescue me from madness. And so, it is my pleasure to report that my respite has come, in the form of one of some of the coolest kids in the once-upon-a-time left-coast Bowery:

Of course, Debbie Harry made me believe that sex and punk could coexist, but this track makes me remember Clem Burke the most. When I saw them perform this song on Saturday Night Live, Burke ended the song by catapulting himself over the drumset and stuck a landing right behind Debbie. At the time, it made me think that playing rock and roll on a stage was possibly the most exciting thing ever. I don’t think that anymore, but I do treasure the first time I felt it.


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